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Founded in 2017 by wellness marketing veteran Sandra Jamali, Live Well Charleston is a heart-centered collective of accomplished, mindful world travelers and wellness practitioners who have been making relationships around the globe - and furthering those connections with like-minded mindful travelers (seekers).

We plan custom travel experiences that are focused on mindfulness and wellbeing and can be local or global.

Local? Our mecca is Charleston, South Carolina. Near the magic of the ocean and throughout our beautiful landscapes, we’ve connected with the best wellness and well-being practitioners: yoga, meditation, holistic healing, nutritionists, dining, as well as some hidden treasures to plan custom experiences for both visitors and locals.

Global? You’ll never be the same seeing the moon shine in another part of the world. Our list of global destinations and the mindful, curated wellness experiences to be had in them is growing every day. We plan everything together, from top to bottom, so you can get out there and do it right.





We do this together. It can be one-on-one for solo adventures, or bring on the whole team, but to do it right, we do this together. After you fill out our form, your trip will be carefully crafted based on in-depth personal conversations where you’re encouraged to be vulnerable, let us know why you want to travel, and share what you’re truly seeking out of the experience. We have developed a very intentional process that ensures you have extraordinary experiences focused on your well being before, during, and after your journey. 

Step 1 - The Questions

Our CONFIDENTIAL, online form will ask some engaging questions to help us prepare our “next-level” questions that will be asked in  our follow-up.

This is the most important part of the process because it’s the discovery phase of your mindful + wellness travel blueprint. This is where our connection between travel and the mind/body/soul starts to get real!

Step 2 - The Insights

Within 24 hours your travel planner will reach out so we can plan a chat to get to know you on a personal level and discuss some specifics.

We ask at this time for your trust and pledge of $300 to start the research and begin the planning of your travel blueprints which are completely tailored just for you. Don’t worry, we do this collaboratively with you and your insight.

You then get to choose from these customized blueprints that are based on three essential pillars, Movement (what you do), Experience (how you do it and feel about it), and Nutrition (the energy that helps you do it).

Step 3 - Before the Trip

We will plan a comprehensive and holistic preparation process that will inspire, motivate, and inform you about your journey. We will also give you a checklist of suggested content to study and enjoy, as well as a travel journal for your intentions, and other mindful gifts to prepare you for everything and anything. 

We’ll schedule a pre-departure call and do a final review of trip logistics and wish you well!

Step 4 - The Return

We love to keep our new relationships alive. After your travels, we want to hear all about it! We also want to keep you in that space by providing follow-up resources. 

We know that your senses will be heightened and you’ll want to prolong those feelings and insights that you experienced on your journey. To ease the reentering of reality, if you like, your planner will follow up with a chat to help you continue the work. Yeah, we said “work” because it’s all about the work. 

We’re always available for continued discussions that will help deepen your travel experience and if you’re not ready to be back, we’ll be glad to plan another journey right away!


A Charleston Experience

For those who live in, recently moved to, or wanting to visit Charleston, this is our home base and it’s one of the most vibrant, holistic well-being, tourist destinations in the world. We are brought to Charleston for the natural beauty, awe-inspiring oceans and landscapes and there is a LOT to do here to build upon your healthy, mindful lifestyle.

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A Global Experience

Swimming with turtles in the Galapagos, riding horseback in the Andes mountains, or doing some yoga, meditation, and then a little wine in the Douro Valley. Yes please. Transformational travel connects mind, body, and soul with history, culture, and the beautiful stories and energies from far away places. The journey starts from within, and it never ends. During our discovery period, we discuss the individual goals of each person embarking on the journey. 

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