Sandra Jamali

Senior Culturalist

Adventure and living a balanced lifestyle started before Sandra could remember. travel stories have been woven into her life. As a child growing up in Greenwich, CT there were family trips to Mexico, Europe and annual trips to visit family in South America. Travel to Ecuador as a study abroad student curious to learn more about her country of origin.. Over the course of 15 years, Sandra’s professional career, global travels and life experiences have provided a powerful cultural lense through which to explore the interconnections of mind, body and soul. Her passion and belief that engaging in travel in a deeper more intentional way, more meaningful way, has the power to transform lives. 

Moving to Charleston started her transformational journey into a healthy and wellness lifestyle. Grateful to the community that gave her the tools that she needed including a dedicated yoga practice, energy healing, and her life’s purpose to guide others. Experiences that have led her to inspire community through heart-centered travel experiences with the customer at the center of the journey. 


kathryn peters

Curator of Experiences

Kathryn Peters began her career in wellness travel 25 years ago. While seeking healing spaces after a serious back injury she found extraordinary experiences to explore, heal and awaken.
Kathryn’s background in the healing arts, apparel design, nutrition and personal styling led her to open up a comprehensive healing center and unique retail store in Charleston SC where customers would literally transform just from waking in the door. Seeking Indigo became an urban oasis for many. 7 years later, Kathryn’s completion of her masters in Spiritual Psychology at University of Santa Monica inspired her to move to LA. Today curating sacred experiences for others allows Kathryn to serve as a guide and mentor for personal transformation.
Kathryn’s education in Traditional Japanese Bodywork, Reiki The Akashic Records, Pilates,Sound Baths, and a process she calls My Style Alchemy offers her clients the opportunity to receive a unique experience customized for each individual’s journey.
Kathryn’s passion is curating customized retreats for individuals and groups that stirs the mind,body and soul.