The CHARLESTON Experience

In addition to offering world-class historic and modern travel experiences, Charleston is becoming one of the most balanced cities for health and wellness.

This hidden gem of a city offers elegant, modern hotels, farm-to-table restaurants and cafes, chic boutiques, and endless outdoor activities for every type of wellness traveler. Here, the balance of water, nature and dining aligns the mind/body/soul. It’s only natural that it transforms locals and visitors who are willing to receive its magic.

No wonder it has been the #1 travel destination for 7 consecutive years! From the historic cobblestoned streets and antebellum architecture to the picturesque beaches and scenic parks, beautiful Charleston, SC, promises its visitors a wholly fulfilling experience steeped in southern charm.

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GLOBAL Experiences

We handcraft travel experiences for mindful travelers who have a need to jump over ponds and experience all of the amazing cultures.

We love the challenge and excitement of creating customized journeys for our travelers. Collaborate with your own travel planner as we work together to craft an intentional life experience. Our comprehensive process allows us to not only get to know one another and ensure we’re the perfect match but also allows us to collect critical information from you — where you’ve traveled to before, how you like to plan your days while traveling, what kinds of accommodations you prefer, and so much more — that helps them craft a fully customized trip for you and your group just about anywhere you want to go. Creating your custom trip is simple.

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We think transparency is so important. 

1. We work tirelessly to find the best partners in each destination — partners that are aligned with our travel philosophy and that can provide the best services, experiences, activities, guides, and rates for you.

2. After our follow up call  with you, we work closely with these partners to handcraft an itinerary designed exclusively for you, taking into consideration your interests, preferences, timeframe, budget, and more.

We get a price from our partners for that handcrafted itinerary — a price that compares favorably to what you would find online if you were to take the time to put the whole itinerary together yourself.

3. We add a percentage on the final cost, depending on the details. One trip may have one stop, another person’s trip may have 8 stops, so the percentage fluctuates.

A few more reasons to choose us

Collaborative Travel Blueprints: We do this together to plan your journey.

Handcrafted Travel Itineraries: We have friends around the globe who are our local providers, guides, holistic practitioners, and tour operators, who ensure that you experience a mindful mixture of cultural immersion, mind/body/soul experiences and some off-the-beaten-path adventure.

The Inner Journey: Beyond planning, we guide and support you to dig deeper before after you journey. But this is where you do the work my friend.

Peak Athlete Experiences: Are you next level?  Planning trips with elite physical activity and balancing the experience with the culture such as cooking classes, and spiritual ceremonies.

Time to Rejuvenate: It’s not ALLL work, you can play and chill out too. Cultural immersion and physical movement is important but we believe in balance, spa treatments, relaxation, and lounging can also part of the experience.

Healthy & Delicious Food: We do our best to offer the highest quality, locally-sourced food, which helps support local farmers and food producers.

Working with local hotels and tour operators: We are based in Charleston, the #1 tourist destination in the world, so we understand the importance of working with locally owned and operated businesses, guides and tour operators. They offer better service and have more local knowledge, and it helps contribute to the local economy.

Travel Sustainably: Our wholehearted intention is to think of the environment, cultures of the people and places we visit, while at the same time contributing to the local economy.