Live Well + Travel Well

 Through Customized Experiences Tailored to Your Overall Well Being

The Story

LWC is a passion project inspired after 12 years of living in Charleston and travelling the world to find a healthy balanced lifestyle for self and family. Yoga/meditation, holistic healing, nutrition and travel make Charleston the perfect wellness destination.

About the Founder

Sandra Jamali is the founder of LWC. She is an integrated lifestylist combining her background in marketing, travel and yoga to create awareness and conscious solutions. She is a strong believer and practitioner of preventative care through diet, exercise and meditation.

Sandra has spent the majority of her life working as a marketing strategist for fashion and wellness brands in NYC, Miami and SF. She has traveled extensively for work and pleasure and enjoys creating memorable life experiences.


Her desire to live a healthy and balanced life with her family brought her to Charleston SC, and a journey for self discovery started. Her mind/body/soul journey has led her to pursuing yoga, holistic healing and wellness travel. She feels it is her life path to connect people and guide them to transformative experiences.

The Best Way to Take Care of the Future is to Take Care of the Present ~ Thích Nhất Hạnh

LWC offers holistic experiences in Charleston and all destinations. We are here to help and guide you on your path to optimal well being.
Additionally LWC aims to inspire others to mindfully create healthy minds for personal and global development.